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ZERX helps you through the process of creating a unique name, design, symbol or other characteristic that identifies a product, service or organization and differentiates it from its competitors. The goal of branding is to create a strong and recognizable identity that helps build trust and loyalty with customers.

Branding includes various elements such as designing a logo, developing a slogan, choosing brand colors, typography and graphics, developing all the necessary offline documents such as business cards, stationery, yard signs, advertising panels... and online documents for websites and social media.

ZERX stands for personal guidance throughout the entire process: from the idea to the full development and production of all required printed matter.

ZERX helps you through the process of creating visual material for printed media such as brochures, posters, banners, packaging, menus and other printed materials. It involves using typography, images and colors to create a layout that conveys a message to the target audience.

The design involves several elements, including the selection of fonts, color schemes, graphics, and layout. ZERX takes into account your brand identity, the intended audience and the desired result of the design.

ZERX stands for a personal approach to the desired product and the production and delivery of all necessary printed matter.

Digital art refers to any form of art created using digital technology, such as a computer or a tablet. ZERX specializes in digital illustrations for posters, birth announcements, brochures, books ... of which the complete layout can also be provided.

ZERX stands for a personal elaboration of the art in the desired style, the corresponding layout of all files and the production and delivery.

Board game design and development is the process of creating a board game from scratch or refining an existing board game idea into a full-fledged game. ZERX helps you through the different phases including ideation, prototyping, playtesting and refinement.

Once a game has been refined and tested and is ready for production, ZERX starts creating the final version of the game, which includes designing the game board, creating all game components such as cards, and developing packaging and marketing materials. Creating online versions of a game is also no problem.

ZERX takes into account a range of factors throughout the process, such as the target audience, game mechanics, balance and replayability. Through a personal collaboration with customer and manufacturer, ZERX brings the game to life.


Find out why you choose ZERX.

Creativity to create unique and innovative ideas that visually communicate a concept.

This manifests itself in many aspects, such as choosing color palettes, typography, layout and image selection to use them in new and unexpected ways to create visually appealing and effective designs.

ZERX is not afraid to experiment and take risks. We are always looking for new inspiration and ideas, whether through research, collaboration or personal experiences.

The ability to think creatively and generate innovative ideas is what sets ZERX apart from the rest.

Attention to detail is an essential skill for ZERX. Focus is placed on the smallest elements of a design project, ensuring that every detail is accurate and in line with the overall vision.

The customer's information is not blindly copied, but also checked so that there are no spelling errors or incorrect data in the final design.

Zerx is quite focused on avoiding errors such as typos, misaligned elements, and inconsistencies in design elements.

Ensuring consistency is crucial in the work and ensuring that all elements of the project, such as fonts, colors and sizes, are consistent across all designs.

ZERX has the skills essential for graphic design such as the expertise in Adobe Creative Suite; such as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

The skills are not limited to just the knowledge of programs, but also insight into color theory, typography, composition and layout are ZERX's assets.

ZERX is also familiar with the printing process and up to date with the latest techniques and industry trends. This ensures that the designs print accurately and look the best possible.

Communication and timing are two critical elements for the success of ZERX.

Effective communication with the client ensures that the project requirements match the designs and meet the client's needs. This includes being open to asking questions, actively listening to feedback, and responding to requests for revisions or changes.

ZERX considers it important to communicate the ideas and designs clearly and effectively to the customer. This can help explain the design concepts and how they will achieve the client's goals.

ZERX works perfectly within tight deadlines and delivers high quality designs that meet customer needs within the required time frame.

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